Steps to Improve the Air Quality in Your Air-Conditioned Home

2 September 2016
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For the most part of the year, many Australians spend time inside air-conditioned buildings, be it at home or at the workplace. The air conditioning system is meant to increase comfort levels throughout the year by facilitating temperature control within a building. But if the air that circulates indoors is polluted, the occupants of the building can suffer from coughing, sneezing, eye irritation, chest pain, throat soreness or even develop life-threatening asthmatic attacks. Read More 

Do you want a clear TV Signal? Then Please Read this

22 June 2016
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It is an open secret that television sets form an integral part of modern society. For instance, statistics indicate that 99% of all households in Australia have at least one working TV set. What this means is that most homes have other things to worry about other than affordability of the pervasive device. Most, if not all of us, will agree that the quality of signal is a big deal when talking about televisions. Read More 

Features to Look For When Choosing Refrigerated Cabinets for Your Business

31 May 2016
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Refrigerated cabinets are often a necessity for a number of businesses, including convenience stores, supermarkets, and even restaurants. Not only are they easy for customers but they also offer more control over varying temperatures inside refrigerated units. You may want to keep one cabinet colder for soda and one not as cool for desserts and such, and so on. Having separate cabinets gives you the chance to set all these varying temperatures easily. Read More 

Choosing the right fire extinguisher for your premise

11 May 2016
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All businesses, whether small or big, should perform a fire risk assessment and choose the appropriate fire detection and equipment required. One of the common types of fire equipment is the fire extinguisher. Generally, there are different types of extinguishers and it's important you buy the appropriate type based on the risks typical in your place of work. Here are the main types of fire extinguishers available to cope with particular fire hazards. Read More 

How to Clean and Maintain Your Office Refrigerator

2 May 2016
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If you have a kitchen or break room in your office, you probably have a refrigerator. It is important that you keep this appliance clean and well maintained, as it can help reduce the more serious repairs that need to be done. Here are some tips for keeping your office refrigerator in good condition. Keep the Inside Clean With an office refrigerator, it is a good idea to go through it before the weekend starts and remove all of the food that might perish quickly. Read More